ONSEN Togura-Kamiyamada



Togura-Kamiyamada is an onsen town and with about 30 inns and hotels all with onsen baths. There are also 7 public bath houses and 3 footbaths, all that feauture 100% natural skin-beautifying minaeral water.

Togura Kamiyamada Onsen Town

Explore the more than 100 restaurants and bars as well as the many specialty shops.

A number of purpose-specific maps are available from the hot spring district. All maps are available at the Shinshu Chikuma Tourism Bureau.

within the map show the locations of the accommodation facilities listed on the back.

Enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese onsen town

SHATEKI(Shooting gallery)

A “must do” when you stay in a traditional Japanese onsen town.
You can get a prize souvenir if you could hit the target.


Free footbaths in 3 spots in Togura Kamiyamada Onsen. One is within the grounds of a convenience store. It is rare location even in Japan.

Onsen Town Walk

Wear a yukata robe and wooden geta sandals and go for a stroll. And enjoy the golden age townscape.

Sunday Morning Farmers Market

Held every Sunday from 6am to 8am, from May to October


Geisha are traditional japanese female entertainers. They can perfom various arts such as Japanese classical music and traditional dance.

Geisha show

  • Fee : 30 min/from 20,000yen
    *Price may change depending on no. of guests
  • Booking request through your accommodation

Kimono Experience

  • Fee : from 10,000yen (The fee depends on the type of Kimono)
  • Booking at five days in advance
  • Booking Inquiries : info@chikuma-kanko.com

Onsen Town Walking Map & Restaurant Guide

This guide is perfect for those seeking a good restaurant in the Togura Kamiyamada Hot Springs district.