What to see and Where to go


Zenkoji Kaido Road(Inariyama to Kuwabara)

The Zenkoji Kaido Road hosts historic buildings that retain the atmosphere of their time.

Kurashikan Museum at INARIYAMA

※closed until January 2026

INARIYAMA is a National Important Protected Area Of Traditional Buildings. Kurashikan Museum is in this area.
The museum is in a restored 19th century building. On display is the history of the town’s development.

  • 30 min on foot from Shinano Railway Yashiro Station

Nagano Sake Brewery at KUWABARA

Established in 1689. Not only can you enjoy the buildings that have been handed down from olden days, you can also buy sake at the spot.

  • 10 min by taxi from JR Obasute station


Rice Terraces

OBASUTE Terraced rice field are designated Japanese Important Cultural Landscape. Also designated as a National Scenic Beauty spot in Japan.

  • 10 min on foot from JR Obasdute Station

Apricot Village “Anzu-no-sato”

Japan’s biggest Apricot Village. About 200,000 people visit to the Apricot village in the flowering season.

Apricot harvest season is only a few short weeks.
The delicate fruits are difficult to store and transport over long distances.
So, most apricot fruits are processed.
But during the harvest season if here you can eat fresh apricots.

  • 10 min by taxi from Shinano Railway Yashiro Station

Togura Kamiyamada

Togurajuku Kitty Park

Home to one of the biggest Tengu statues in Japan, Kitty Park offers superb views over the Chikuma River and the Onsen town.

  • 20 min on foot from Shinano Railway Togura Station

Shuzo Collection

Museum of SAKAI Sake brewery. They have 400 years history of Sake brewing.

  • 2 min on foot from Shinano Railway Togura Station

Joyama Historic Park Arato-Jo Mountain Castle

This park is a recreation of the mountain castle from more than 430 years ago.
From here you can see the Togura Kamiyamada Onsen town area, the Chikuma river and the Northern Japanese Alps in the distance.

  • 30 min on foot from the Togura Kamiyamada Onsen Town